Friday, February 13, 2009

OWL Valentine's Day Gift

My friends Tracy and Mike gifted this to me for Valentine's Day and I was floored! It seems that I have suddenly developed this obscession for CUTE owls- stamps, papers, stickers, t-shirts, etc. This mug is so cute! Do you see the owl on the handle??? how perfect is that?

A added touch was the stamped card; very cute. And the block set of four heart stamps along with the chocolate inside finished the WOW effect.

A very hearfelt thanks to the two of them; I LOVE IT!!! Can't decide whether to keep it in my creative space or take it to work; but since I spent so much more time at work, I am leaning towards that :)....


Rita said...

Hi Carol!!! You are so right, this CUP IS CUTE... LUCKY to have it; we need to get together soon and maybe i can meet Tracy! :)

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