Friday, February 6, 2009

Scrapbook Calendar 2009 - January

I really enjoy Scrapbooking; but to be honest, I don't have the time I use to have when I first started to indulge in creating layouts. I didn't want to stop though, so I decided that maintaining a calendar is better than nothing. For 2009 I scrap most of 2008 and so forth. At the end of the year, I know I will have at least 12 pages and that is better than nothing :)...

I have used for the past 3 years (2007-2009) the S.E.I 12x12 Calendars. This year I have seen many come out on the market; but these are still the best one for me because I think all elements come together very nicely with the pre-designed layout; while still giving you room to add an extra special touch!

Here is my JAN:

These are my sisters; and my sister's dog {Bellisima} Bella :)...

SEI 12x12 Calendar 2009
"Woof" welded with a Paw - cut using Cricut Paper Pups and Design Studio
Border flakes - cut using Cricut Storybook
"Warm & Cozy"- one of those very cute stamp from g Studio


Linda said...

I just bought one after seeing your Jan and Feb post; it just seems like i can do a lot with this without all those extra stickers and things i would not use! Thanks for sharing!

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